MSA has a center for Advanced Learning which is specially created to provide quality Management Education to working professionals. MSA’s expertise in the design and management of distributed education programs provides the study-environment for students, the technology platform, and the allied education services and processes that make up the total teaching-learning experience. Our IT training programs and IT Certifications help professionals to acquire skills in cutting-edge technologies that are being deployed in today’s organizations and get an edge over their colleagues. These, along with strategic academic alliances provide a truly rich learning experience.

Training Methods That We Offer

Students Trained: 7973 and Counting

Students Certified: 5961 and Counting

IT Trainings

Setup primarily for the niche crowd that believes in excellence, IT training at MSA offers a high level of comfort & satisfaction for students as well as working professionals. MSA assures you immense contentment during and post your training program.

MSA is considered among the leading IT training provider for Servers, Cloud Computing, DR and other critical technologies. Leveraging on a rich experience of more than 8 years, we have built a reputation of a substantial IT Training Services Provider from India. We deliver best in class trainings to the students which will be the best value for the moneywith a money back guarantee. Our training combines expert instructor-led information and presentations, hands-on workshops, and refreshing sessions. Our trainers carry with them a vast industry experience, they are vendor certified and recognized industry experts committed to for successful delivery. Their teaching constitutes a perfect blend of official vendor curriculum and their wealth of real-life experience.

We deliver hands-on job oriented IT trainings. These IT trainings not only prepare the students for the certification exams, but also help them to apply the newly gained knowledge immediately to their workplace to be more productive from day one.

Once the training is finished ends our association would not end here our trainers can still assist to clarify any queries that you may have later stage.


  • Custom Trainings based on the corporate requirements.
  • Training as per vendor’s course ware.
  • Remote trainings to small individual groups and save travel & miscellaneous cost.
  • Qualified and experienced faculty
  • Immediate practical session after theory session
  • Flexibility in medium of instruction viz. English, Gujarati or Hindi, Flexibility in timing
  • Hand-outs of particular topic before starting theory session
  • Computer-Based Training
  • Assignments before starting practical session
  • Session wise topic break-up
  • Quiz contests, seminars
  • Tests, Gradation

Instructor led training

Classroom Trainings help individuals polish their IT skills while they are traveling to our training centre. Classroom training at one of our centers proves to be great learning experience for students where they interact & socialize with students from different work cultures. This type of training is facilitated by an instructor in a classroom setting. Instructor-led training allows for learners and instructors or facilitators to interact and discuss the training material, either individually or in a group setting. When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting, MSA is the leader for Microsoft Technologies. Whether you’re a student looking to advance your career or start a new one, or a team leader looking to make sense out of new technology, you’re virtually guaranteed to find a course at the right time, in the right location. MSA considers the classroom experience to be the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach and we continue to make it more enriching, dynamic and valuable for students and businesses.


  • Consistently the highest-rated training organization
  • Thousands of training courses – from technical training and desktop
  • applications to virtualization and cloud computing.
  • Lectures and demonstrations reinforced by relevant, hands-on lab exercises identical to real world scenarios
  • Online Learning Guide and additional Web-based reference tools.

Personalized 1 on 1 Training

Are you ready to get things done? Get one on one training and coaching, custom tailored to your needs, experience and skill level. MSA teaches the skills, knowledge, and competencies that are needed to perform a specific job within the workplace and work environment. Our personalized training uses the regular or existing workplace tools, machines, documents, equipment, knowledge and skills necessary for an employee to learn to effectively perform his or her job.


  • Simplicity – Personalized training is useful and simple to learn the jobs that can be learned by watching and doing. Under it, the trainer need not explain and analyse the job detail.
  • Economy – Personalized training is economical in the sense that it does not require extra cost burden for arranging training needs.
  • Immediate Productivity – Since trainees are involved in actual work process, quick learning and immediate productivity will be obtained from the work performed by the trainees.
  • Quick Learning – this type of training provides a favourable environment for quick learning. This is because trainees are involved in actual work process.
  • Multi-skill – As it is a practical approach, it develops multi-skill in trainees. The employees can get quick feedback about correctness of their performance.

Boot Camp Trainings

Due to the rapid changing IT scenario, we need to ensure that employees go through quality training that provides excellent knowledge, skills, and practical hands-on experience in a limited time frame. Our accelerated Boot Camps are a boon considering the time & budget constraints most enterprises juggle with.

The most cost effective training solution that has emerged as a successful training format for our IT professionals, are these Boot Camp training programs. Boot Camps are all about teaching specific skills, tools or technologies over a limited time span in a zero-distraction environment. Boot Camps have proven to be one of the most successful training formats for quickly and effectively delivering comprehensive skills to IT professionals at a low cost.

Our Boot Camps courses are designed to deliver the maximum amount of material over the shortest period of time. Our curriculum design utilizes key principles of accelerated learning offers a framework for successful course delivery powered by skilled instructors that are able to maximize the learning experience by instilling a ‘yes you can’ classroom attitude.


  • It offers high productivity with less time span.
  • It is reasonably quick and cost effective.

Live Virtual Classroom

MSA’s Live Virtual Classroom brings to you an engaging superlative training experience that lets you learn and gain knowledge from the comfort of your home or office. Attend intensive online training sessions, add to it the convenience of your place and time, minus the cost and hassle of travel – and you get the most rewarding learning experience ever!


  • It offers training at your location at your comfort.
  • The latest and the next generation method of training preferred by our working professionals across the country as well as overseas.
  • Live instructor-led training
  • Certified experts as instructors
  • Official Curriculum and courseware, same as classroom training
  • Flexible dates and timings as per your needs
  • Best solution for busy professionals who find it difficult to travel or dedicate time for classroom learning


Tailored to suit the needs of our corporate clients, Train-me-where-I-am allows enterprises to have our experts conduct trainings on their premises. Given the huge costs associated with making entire teams travel to a different location, it becomes more feasible to fly a trainer to client location.

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